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Fighting Back With Fat

Author : Eric H. Kossoff, MD
language : en
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing
Release Date : 2012-12-13

Download Fighting Back With Fat written by Eric H. Kossoff, MD and has been published by Demos Medical Publishing this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2012-12-13 with Health & Fitness categories.

Written by two mothers who have children on the Ketogenic diet, Fighting Back with Fat provides essential information to educate parents on the diets, as well as gives advice to parents to navigate the emotional minefields that often come with attempting these diets. Common stress factors such as fear of failure, hyperresponsibility, dealing effectively with a child's non-compliance, and educating non-supportive relatives, friends and peers, are all addressed in heart-to-heart frankness from mothers who have covered the territory personally. The authors include first-person accounts of the successes and trails of other families as well as a rare glimpse of what kids think of the diets, in their own words. The book closes with the KetoCalculator 101, with tips and advice from the Charlie Foundation's Beth Zupec-Kania, RD, CD, the Keto Calculator's creator and a recipe section offering simple, delicious recipes organized by age group, each with "Keto Bites," fun food facts or practical advice that correspond to each recipe.

The Secret Life Of Fat The Science Behind The Bodys Least Understood Organ And What It Means For You

Author : Sylvia Tara
language : en
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Release Date : 2016-12-27

Download The Secret Life Of Fat The Science Behind The Bodys Least Understood Organ And What It Means For You written by Sylvia Tara and has been published by W. W. Norton & Company this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2016-12-27 with Health & Fitness categories.

This groundbreaking work of practical, popular science reveals that fat is much smarter than we think. Fat is an obsession, a dirty word, a subject of national handwringing—and, according to biochemist Sylvia Tara, the least-understood part of our body. You may not love your fat, but your body certainly does. In fact, your body is actually endowed with many self-defense measures to hold on to fat. For example, fat can use stem cells to regenerate; increase our appetite if it feels threatened; and use bacteria, genetics, and viruses to expand itself. The secret to losing twenty pounds? You have to work with your fat, not against it. Tara explains how your fat influences your appetite and willpower, how it defends itself when attacked, and why it grows back so quickly. The Secret Life of Fat brings cutting-edge research together with historical perspectives to reveal fat’s true identity: an endocrine organ that, in the right amount, is critical to our health. Fat triggers puberty, enables our reproductive and immune systems, and even affects brain size. Although we spend $60 billion annually fighting fat, our efforts are often misinformed and misdirected. Tara expertly illustrates the complex role that genetics, hormones, diet, exercise, and history play in our weight, and The Secret Life of Fat sets you on the path to beat the bulge once and for all.

Fighting Fat With Fearless Faith

Author : Christy Taylor
language : en
Publisher: BookBaby
Release Date : 2017-02-02

Download Fighting Fat With Fearless Faith written by Christy Taylor and has been published by BookBaby this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2017-02-02 with Health & Fitness categories.

DISCOVER HOW TO BE TRULY TRANSFORMED! Have you wrestled with the following thoughts? • What if I fail at trying to lose weight? • I am so heavy that I will never achieve my goal! • What if people criticize me for losing weight? • I have tried losing weight over and over again. What makes me think I will be able to do so this time? • What if I hit a plateau? Fighting Fat with Fearless Faith is a program providing you with a battle plan to permanently conquer the weight battle! In Fighting Fat with Fearless Faith, Christy Taylor relates her weight-loss journey losing 137 pounds and keeping it off for over 5 years. Christy shares past diet mishaps and her discovery of the right way to be permanently transformed. Here is her story of finding faith and conquering the weight battle. You’ll find thoughts from her prayer journals and strategies on how she lost the weight. A Valiant Woman Warrior understands her faith in battle can’t be compromised because many spiritual battles will arise throughout her life, requiring faith to defeat them. Fearless faith marches forward, wholeheartedly believing the Creator is fighting the fight in all aspects of life. Learn 10 Combat Maneuvers that will equip you to be Combat-Ready and defeat the enemy in your battle with weight. You will... • Understand how the weight battle started, what spiritual warfare is, and who your enemy is. • Acknowledge your personal responsibility for your body, God’s Temple. • Assess your current status in relation to your spiritual and physical health. • Commit and surrender absolutely to defeat the enemy. • Envision and plan your path to victory with a personalized mission statement and battle-plan. • Proclaim fearless faith by standing firm on the foundation of faith and the mission of love. • Embrace accountability and support from your weight-loss battle companion, the Holy Spirit, and your Battle-Buddies. • Prep for battle by getting armored up, spiritually nourished, and faithfully fit. • Execute various battle-strategies to be Battle-Ready. • Persevere by marching forward to victory! This program is about renewing your mind. Once your mind is right with God, everything else falls into place!

Fighting Fat

Author : Steven Lamm
language : en
Publisher: Spry Publishing LLC
Release Date : 2015-02-10

Download Fighting Fat written by Steven Lamm and has been published by Spry Publishing LLC this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2015-02-10 with Health & Fitness categories.

Dieting is dead. Let’s focus on health instead. Short-term, restrictive diets just don’t work as long-term weight loss solutions. As soon as your diet proves unsustainable within your everyday life, you regain the weight you’ve lost while dieting, negatively impacting your biological and psychological systems as well. Sound familiar? In Fighting Fat: Breaking the Dieting Cycle and Getting Healthy for Life, wellness expert and best-selling author Dr. Steven Lamm reveals why it’s more important to gain health than to simply lose pounds. With Dr. Lamm’s individualized approach to weight reduction that’s based on your unique lifestyle, biology, and risk factors, you can start to improve your overall well-being while greatly reducing your risk of countless health complications. Groundbreaking advancements in the rapidly evolving science behind weight loss have generated many new options for people who struggle to manage their weight. From understanding the affects of prescription and over-the-counter medications to making decisions about bariatric surgery, Fighting Fat delivers Dr. Lamm’s authoritative insights and analysis of the most current and comprehensive information available.


Author : Roy F. Baumeister
language : en
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date : 2011-09-01

Download Willpower written by Roy F. Baumeister and has been published by Penguin this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2011-09-01 with Psychology categories.

One of the world's most esteemed and influential psychologists, Roy F. Baumeister, teams with New York Times science writer John Tierney to reveal the secrets of self-control and how to master it. Pioneering research psychologist Roy F. Baumeister collaborates with New York Times science writer John Tierney to revolutionize our understanding of the most coveted human virtue: self-control. Drawing on cutting-edge research and the wisdom of real-life experts, Willpower shares lessons on how to focus our strength, resist temptation, and redirect our lives. It shows readers how to be realistic when setting goals, monitor their progress, and how to keep faith when they falter. By blending practical wisdom with the best of recent research science, Willpower makes it clear that whatever we seek—from happiness to good health to financial security—we won’t reach our goals without first learning to harness self-control. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Motherhood Smotherhood

Author : JJ Keith
language : en
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
Release Date : 2014-10-14

Download Motherhood Smotherhood written by JJ Keith and has been published by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2014-10-14 with Family & Relationships categories.

What’s the first thing a woman does when she thinks she might be pregnant? She Googles. And it goes downhill from there. While the internet is full of calming and cheerily supportive articles, it’s also littered with hyper-judgmental message boards and heaps of contradictory and scolding information. Babies on Boards takes parents through the trenches of new parenting, warning readers of the pleasures and perils of mommy blogs, new parent groups, self-described “lactivists,” sleep fascists, incessant trend pieces on working versus non-working mothers, and the place where free time and self-esteem goes to die: Pinterest (back away from the hand-made flower headbands for baby!). JJ Keith interweaves discussions of what “it takes a village” really means (hint: a lot of unwanted advice from elderly strangers who may have grown up in actual villages) and a take-down of the rising “make your own baby food” movement (just mush a banana with a fork!) with laugh-out-loud observations about the many mistakes she made as a frantic new mother with too much access to high speed internet and a lot of questions. Keith cuts to the truth—whether it’s about “perfect” births, parenting gurus, the growing tide of vaccine rejecters, the joy of blanketing Facebook with baby pics, or germophobia—to move conversations about parenting away from experts espousing blanket truths to amateurs relishing in what a big, messy pile of delight and trauma having a baby is. It turns out those little buggers are more durable and fun than we think they are!

Bridge Of Dreams

Author : Chaz Brenchley
language : en
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date : 2007-03-27

Download Bridge Of Dreams written by Chaz Brenchley and has been published by Penguin this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2007-03-27 with Fiction categories.

For a thousand years, the great city of Sund stood impregnable while its enemy, Maras, remained outside the walls. Then the Marasi harnessed the powers of magic. Erecting an otherworldly bridge whose foundations were rooted in sorcery, the Marasi overran the walls of Sund and threw them down... Now, in the city known as Maras-Sund, magic has been outlawed. Yet there are hcildren being born with raw mahical talent—and there are those who would rally behind them to rebel against their hated overlords. Issel, a young water-seller from the poorest part of the city, possesses the gift for magic. And when he is recognized for his talents, recruited, and trained in the arts, his abilities may hold the key to his people's salvation. Jendre is the eldest daughter of a general under the Sultan of Maras, but she knows her father's rise to power comes at a price—a price commonly paid by the daughters of those who serve the Sultan. She has prepared for the night the Sultan's men take her away to be one of the vanished girls who—if the whispered rumors are true—are used to preserve the magical bridge into Sund upon which rests the fate of the empire. But her fate doe snot lie in oblivion. It lies with the Sultan his wife. In the coming conflict, bith Issel and Jendre will find themselves swept into the intrigues and machinations of two cultures: one determined to hold on to power and supremacy, the other struggling for survival—and freedom...